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This Is What Happens When You Lose Perspective About Your Brand


It’s also why you shouldn’t distribute your internal documents too broadly. They might sound a wee bit silly. To everyone.*

Who else now wants to see Stephen Colbert invite The Bloggess on his show to compare techniques?

*Crazy idea: Maybe if it sounds silly when you read it aloud, you shouldn’t proceed with it.

We’d All Be Better Off if the “Reply All” Button Just Went Away


Seriously, it’s still causing trouble. You’d think by now we’d all have learned to be more careful, but no. Check out this post from Jenny Lawson, AKA The Bloggess (also available at @thebloggess).

I’ve had my own corporate run-ins, although not involving pitches. In the past few years I’ve gone to war with AT&T and TiVo over service and billing issues. I’ve won, and the reason I’ve won is that I was right, and I put social media tools to use. I even told the TiVo supervisor that I was going to do it. Fair warning, I say. So why would anyone broadcast that response regarding a blogger with a huge, devoted audience?

Don’t try to one-up snark with insults. It doesn’t work, and it’ll get out somehow. That’s how it works these days. More of us need to learn that. Yes, we’re all human, and yes, we all make mistakes. But maybe it’s time to retire “Reply All.”

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