Doritos brings you a blast from the past:

“Taco flavor” was their first offering, in 1968. And while they brought it back for a limited run earlier this year, it’s apparently now a permanent offering.

While we’re talking about Doritos–I know, I know, we’re not even in the neighborhood of authenticity–I can’t help but wonder: Really?

“Taco flavor” was something exotic and new in 1968. Trust me, you couldn’t even find tortillas in supermarkets once you left the southwest–and I’m talking about the early 1980s, which already were a world of cultural awareness away from the late 1960s.

Now it’s 2012. And I can’t help but wonder: What does “taco flavor” mean? Asada? Carnitas? Lengua? Bean and cheese? Some random assortment of spices? What on earth should I be expecting to taste if I buy this package of Doritos?

And do we really want to take our food cues from 1968?