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Know Your Audience, Part 2


See? The city did know what they were doing when they put an outdoor gym in North Hollywood Park!

outdoor gym

Know Your Audience


If you’ve ever driven past North Hollywood Park, you’ve seen scores of people running, walking dogs, playing basketball–the park is a center for all kinds of exercise. That’s why this makes sense:

Outdoor Gym North Hollywood Park

That’s right, it’s an outdoor gym, complete with weight benches, leg presses, and stationary bikes. Do you prefer an elliptical trainer?

Outdoor Gym North Hollywood Park

Have at it. And all of the equipment clearly is designed for outdoor use; it’s mechanical, not electronic, and sturdily built for the elements (and, one hopes, people jumping on it in ways you might not expect in an indoor gym–because I’m pretty sure that’s going to happen).

This wouldn’t make sense in every L.A. park, but it’s a natural fit for this one.

“Know Your Audience” isn’t solely about marketing. It’s also about the product or service you provide. I think this is a win for the L.A. parks department. But I am curious to see how they tell people about it once it’s open.

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