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Actions Speak Louder Than Marketing Words


Ventura County in California has some of the most productive farmland in the world. So a lot of people would say it’s ironic that they’ve paved over vast amounts of acreage to sell cars. And I get that. But what I really think is ironic is this:

Paving over vast acres of fertile land to build a Whole Foods, complete with above-ground parking.

My Favorite Super Bowl Commercial


So what’s my favorite Super Bowl commercial? It didn’t air this year. And it isn’t Apple’s “1984” commercial, which has never really grabbed me (in spite of my long-standing appreciation for their products). No, it’s something that talked about solving a problem, and did it with the kind of dry humor I like. If you remove the irony, the message could speak to Gen Y today. But the irony is what makes the spot work. And that’s very Gen X, which was definitely the audience they were trying to reach:

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