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Gender and Marketing


When do we assign gender to products unnecessarily?

One example: this shirt.

It’s apparently a boy’s shirt.

Why? Because it’s dark blue? Because it says “Star Trek”?

If you think women haven’t always been essential to Star Trek, then I refer you to D.C. Fontana, Bjo Trimble, Majel Barrett, and Nichelle Nichols.

This is a child’s shirt. There is nothing keeping the seller from having a category called “unisex.” This shirt would fit right in.

Old Time Rock and . . . No


I haven’t been able to turn up video online, so you’ll have to take my word for it: if you don’t believe that cleaning your floors can transform your life, then evidently you have not purchased the Shark floor steamer that can not only inspire an actress in a commercial to dance while scrubbing, but also turns her world from drab to Technicolor, sort of like she’s doing housework in Pleasantville.

I don’t know any woman who really gets that excited about cleaning. Is it stereotypical? Ask yourself this: is it likely that anyone in the process seriously considered casting a man?

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