Rumors abound. Is Twitter buying Tweetdeck for the tune of $40 million? Twitter isn’t saying. One way or another, we’ll all find out.

Tweetdeck is my third-party-Twitter-app-of-choice. It doesn’t entirely filter out the noise, but it helps tremendously. I find its columns more intuitive and easy to navigate than Twitter‘s internal tab system (the organization of which continues to seem rather random), and I like that I can order those columns according to my own priorities.

Apparently another contender was Ubermedia. Since their acquisition of–the social bookmarking site, which I loved–seems to have resulted in nothing tangible, I guess I’d be more worried if they’d come out on top. (I’m curious about Ubermedia’s plans for, though, since their focus seems to be firmly on Twitter. And I’ve switched my social bookmarking to may be the big dog, but it doesn’t use tagging the way I want to.) So what would this acquisition mean for Twitter and Tweetdeck? Will Twitter–which still seems to have service issues on a regular basis–be able to incorporate this into their repertoire?

Update: Yep–it happened. Let’s see what’s next.