Looking for an interesting social media experiment? Check out Curators of Sweden. Each week, a new citizen of Sweden takes over the Twitter account for the tourism group Visit Sweden. The campaign was created by Stockholm agency Volontaire, with the approval of the government.

So what can you expect to find? So far, according to the ever-changing Twitter bio, curators of Sweden have included a Bosnian immigrant, a sheep-herder, and a journalist. Each curator talks about the country, his or her daily life, and anything else that might interest people who want to know more about Sweden.

Sure, there are risks. Someone could make off with the password and run amok with the account. But what’s actually happening is the essence of social–real people talking about what it’s like to live and work in their country.

So, how could this work for your brand? And are you even willing to try?

Photo by hellojenuine. via Flickr.